Are Auto Repair Workshops AC Experts?

You’re probably thinking, “Hey I have a car air conditioning problem, why not just take my vehicle to my local Ultratune, Mycar, or some other mechanical repair workshop? They will surely be the right people to solve my A/C problems. Right?” Wrong!

If you’re looking for a reliable fix to your vehicle’s aircon – it might be tempting to go to the nearest auto repair workshop. But here’s something important that you should know – such workshops offer an array of services, but they don’t specialize in car air conditioning systems.

Repair workshops might seem ideal, but vehicle ACs are intricate systems comprising of several important parts hidden beneath the dash and engine bay.

An industry specialist in vehicle AC is the only way to get an accurate diagnosis of where your leaks stem from – as well as a reliable quote on what repairs are needed. But why aren’t auto repair workshops universally competent when it comes to these technical repairs? Let’s find out!

Why Auto Repair Workshops Are Not Car Air Conditioning Experts?

These mechanical workshops are your jack of all trades when it comes to vehicles repairs providing all the following services such as:

  • Engine maintenance & Repairs
  • Brakes
  • Suspension & shock Absorbers
  • Log book servicing
  • Tyres
  • Roadside Assist
  • and of course car air conditioning

We don’t have an issue at all in relation to what services you can and can’t provide when it comes to vehicle repairs, the issue is the qualifications and standards which are set. With so many facets that make up a vehicle how much of an expert are they really?

Mycar Auto Repairs

With technicians possessing a wide range of general knowledge and skill, the issue lies in their depth of expertise. This can be particularly problematic when it comes to car air conditioning – an essential part that often needs specialized attention.

With so many repair companies claiming to be AAA certified, it’s important for customers to make sure their technicians hold a valid ArcTick license in order to legally handle refrigerant gases.

What is an Industry Expert?

The auto repair industry is filled with proclaimed experts, but what does it really take to become one? Let’s dive into the definition of an expert.


: one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject or area

The keyword here is “mastery“. To be a master at a particular craft you need to focus on that one area to be extremely skilled otherwise you cannot class yourself as an expert.

When it comes to car air conditioning repairs, experts are not just ordinary automotive technicians – they’re the cream of the crop. What sets such professionals apart is their broad and deep knowledge base within this field; an understanding that reconfirms them as true specialists in car ac.

Let’s read what Steve had to say after taking his vehicle into Ultratune to have his aircon repaired.

Steve Morris

Air Con was regassed by UltraTune. No leaks in the engine block. Gas ran out in 2 months. UltraTune regassed for free again but warned that there may be a leak under the dashboard. Gas ran out after 2 months again. UltraTune advised that an air conditioning specialist was needed as the leak must be in the dashboard area.

This outcome from Steve isn’t a one-off. This happens on a daily basis when it comes to car air conditioning with a lot of customers having a poor experience with so-called AAA companies.

These companies are quick to offer car ac regas service (because of the easy money esp in summer) but are not actually industry experts in that particular area. If they can’t fix the issue like in Steve’s case, they will always tell you to go see a car air conditioning expert like Jack Frost.

But what’s more alarming is this doesn’t provide a thorough diagnosis and inspection of your car’s ac


When it comes to car air conditioning servicing, regas and repairs, you want the assurance of working with industry experts – not just self-proclaimed ones. Experts who can guarantee to get the job done right the first time, and if you have any problems, they will provide warranties on all services and parts with the option of extended warranties.

At Jack Frost, our team are genuine professionals; always pushing for higher standards in quality service and workmanship. We never hide behind excuses and will always provide an honest opinion on the state of your car’s air conditioning system.

We offer a range of car ac services from regas and repairs to the replacement of all air con parts. All our technicians are highly trained to handle any issue with your car’s aircon.  Whether you have an old vehicle or a new one (2000 – Present), we will be able to provide quality service backed by industry-leading warranty so you can drive in comfort and with peace of mind.

We know what it takes to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, so get in touch today for a professional AC inspection and regas!

You’ll be glad you did. Thank you for choosing Jack Frost.


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