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 2-Year  Car Air Conditioning Check-up

Leading car Manufacturers & Jack Frost recommend that your vehicle’s air conditioning system should be checked & serviced at least every two years.  The fact is that even the best-designed vehicles will lose roughly up to 20% of the refrigerant gas in their air conditioning systems over 2 years.

Not only will this affect your air conditioning system cooling efficiency it’s also likely damaging the system internally due to lack of lubrication causing excessive heat and moisture.

Jack Frost 2-Year Car Air Conditioning Service includes:

  • Testing system performance
  • Reclaiming  the remaining refrigerant gas
  • Carrying out Jack Frost’s 24-point inspection & leak tests.
  • Perform a deep vacuum on your system to boil off any moisture that might have naturally ingressed into the system
  • Re-gas the system to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Add oil & UV dye if necessary
  • Test System operation.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to our 2-Year A/C checkup Service, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will do our best to attend to all your needs in a timely manner. Online inquiries usually receive a reply within the hour.

If you want to speak to our customer service team please call us on (07) 3180 3500.

2 Year A/C Inspection

Ultimate Winter Special: $20 Inspections