Car AC Compressor Replacement

Your car AC compressor can fail for a number of reasons but when it does there are no shortcuts to fixing your system. When the compressor fails it can spread small metal contaminants through the system and cause blockages.

For this reason, it is common practice and a warranty requirement from the compressor manufacturers to replace the thermal expansion valve and receiver drier and clean out any contaminants from the system whenever a new compressor is fitted.

We follow these industry procedures and warranty requirements as a minimum standard so that you can be confident your system is repaired to the highest standards. Your air conditioning compressor is often referred to as the heart of your A/C, it keeps the whole system running and compresses refrigerant gas before sending it down to the condenser.

What causes a Car AC Compressor to fail?

Accessing the aircon compressor is one of the most problematic parts of its replacement, so labour times and associated costs can be high, driving up your replacement car aircon compressor price.

A range of components work in tandem with your compressor and it could be any one of those connected parts that cause it to stop working.

When it comes to replacing a compressor, it’s likely that there will be other parts that need, or are recommended to be replaced at the same time.

This could include:

  • the condenser
  • dryer
  • evaporator
  • hoses
  • tubes
  • seals and connectors.

Damaged or worn seals tend to be the most common faults, leaking refrigerant and AC oil, and often developing into sludge in the system.

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Car AC Compressor Replacement

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