BMW Aircon Regas Service, Brisbane

Don’t let the freezing cold of winter or the summer heat get to you! Let Jack Frost Car Air Conditioning service maintain your heating and air conditioning for your vehicle. We’ll make sure you travels are comfortable no matter what season it is. Our team of qualified automotive technicians will carry out your BMW aircon regas service in a quick and professional manner and have your car’s air conditioning in perfect running order once again.

Jack Frost BMW aircon regas service includes environment-friendly refrigerant regas and top up of the compressor oil as well as a comprehensive 24 point check of all aircon components. Proper and regular preventive maintenance in your car A/C system contributes to effective and efficient operation and helps to prolong air conditioning components life, possibly helping consumers to avoid future failures and more costly repairs.

BMW Car Air Conditioning Checklist

Before we look to recharge your car air conditioning system we need to perform a check of your entire car air conditioning system and it’s components to make sure it’s functioning correctly. 

  • Identify the type of gas in the system
  • Recover all refrigerant from the system
  • Remove and replace the receiver/dryer unit if necessary
  • Check the condition of the compressor, condenser, and all hoses
  • Check the condition of all wiring harnesses
  • Dry nitrogen pressure test system, checking for leaks
  • Vacuum system with two stages high flow pump
  • The test system is holding vacuum
  • Recharge with R134A refrigerant to vehicle specifications
  • Test system operation, pressures, condenser fan operation, blower fan operation, and vent temperature Service

Your vehicle’s air conditioning doesn’t lose its gas for no apparent reason. If there is a refringent gas problem it’s more then likely there is a leak or an issue with one of the components that make up your car air conditioning system.

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Main components of your vehicles air conditioning system:

If there are problems found with any of the above components, they will need to be replaced so your air conditioning can perform at 100%.

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BMW Aircon Regas

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