Heater Core Replacement

The heater core is a part of every car’s cooling system which looks and works much like a radiator. Through its fins and tubes, the heater core spreads the heat from your car’s cooling system into the air from the blower which is then used to provide warmth in your car’s cabin. Over time your heater core can deteriorate or become damaged and you will need a heater core replacement for your vehicle.

How does a heater core work?

The car’s engine system runs a cooling system which helps it to stay within a certain temperature range. When the coolant is run through the engine by the water pumps, it needs to disperse the heat accumulated to keep cooling your engine, and this is where your heater core plays a significant role.

The heater core has tubes and fins where the coolant is forced through to dissipate as much heat as possible. The heat is taken up by air coming from the blower and thrust into your car’s cabin to keep it warm. The heater core is also connected to the car’s air conditioning system where it works together with the evaporator coil to remove any moisture from the air keeping your car’s air conditions at optimum.

Main Problems With Your Heater Core

Below are the two main problems you face with your heater core when it comes to your vehicle’s air conditioning system.


The tubes carrying the coolant through the heater core tend to get clogged by the old coolant after a while. When this happens very little to no heat is produced into the car’s cabin. As a preventative measure, it’s recommended that you periodically flush the coolant to prevent the formation of any clogs


A leak from the heater core or the car’s cooling system can be easily noticed when the car starts blowing in cold air, the smell of the coolant, or by the formation of wet patches on the passenger’s carpet. Keep in mind that the coolant is toxic and should not be inhaled as it can lead to health problems.

Where is the Heater Core Located?

The common location of the heater core is in the dashboard behind several components on the passenger seat side. In some automobiles, it’s easily reached from under the hood, but in most cases, you have to remove the dashboard and several other components before reaching it which makes it very labor-intensive.

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Heater Core Replacement

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