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Car Air Conditioning Re-Gas

September 18, 2016 Car AC Repairs, Car Air Conditioning  0

Five Key Factors about Car Air Conditioning Re-Gas

Proper care of a vehicle’s air conditioning system entails more than simply turning it on when you feel discomfort due to heat.

Turning your vehicle’s air conditioning on might help a great deal in cooling you off but can you really say the same for its long term operational efficiency?

Occasionally turning on your vehicle’s air conditioning does very little in terms keeping it in a proper running condition and increasing its reliability.

A majority of vehicle owners are ignorant of the things that have to be done to ensure that the air conditioning systems of their vehicles are always operating at 100% efficiency.

It is only by operating at full efficiency that the air conditioning system can guarantee the owner longevity in terms of service.

A long service life is beneficial to vehicle owners as it significantly decreases vehicle operating costs and allows them to make savings.

It is for these reasons among many others that it is important that vehicle owners should learn all they can about air conditioning systems and how to take proper care of them.

Regas forms part of the long list of the things that have to be done in a bid to take good care of the air conditioning systems of vehicles. It is essential if not mandatory that vehicle owners have their vehicles re-gassed.

This service is important if vehicle owners hope to keep their air conditioning units in an excellent condition.

The following are five key points to note about car AC re-gas:

a) On average, any given vehicle requires re-gas every one and a half to two years. This timeline only gives the recommended safe range within which you should take your vehicle for re-gas.

It would be ill-advised to exceed this set timeline as the consequences would be detrimental to your air conditioning unit.

b) Auto research has revealed that any given vehicle loses approximately ten percent of its gas capacity each and every year.

What makes this statistic interesting is the fact that as a vehicle loses this quantity of gas, it ceases to produce air as cold as you would want or expect it to produce. Alternatively, this can be used as an indicator that your vehicle needs to be re-gassed.

c) The car air conditioning re-gas process duration is not definite as it is a function of the vehicle type. However, through extensive observation and experience it has been established to take one hour or thereabout.

This piece of information is useful for planning purposes in the sense that it informs the vehicle owner to plan to re-gas for a minimum time of one hour.

d)  Car Air conditioning re-gas seldom requires an appointment. This means that you can even make an impromptu visit and have your air conditioner checked out, all that is required of you is to inform them that your air conditioning is due for re-gas.

e) It is only by regularly having your air conditioning re-gassed that you can hope to have the unit always operating at high efficiency and ultimately give you a long service life.

Ideally, re-gassing a vehicle’s air conditioning system should be a fundamental part of routine maintenance that is meant to take care of the vehicle as a whole.

It is only by acknowledging the critical role of the unit to the overall comfort for persons riding in a vehicle that it can be incorporated to your vehicle’s service plan.

If you desire to have your air conditioner in tip-top shape and producing cool air especially when temperatures are soaring then you should adhere to the recommended re-gas intervals.

This will guarantee that you enjoy the valuable service offered by your air conditioning unit in those extremely hot days.

Look no further than Jack Frost if you seek technicians that offer qualified car AC re-gas services. It is only there that you will receive a comprehensive report on the status of your system and ultimately get assistance in carrying out the repairs and maintenance that will entirely restore your unit.

The team at Jack Frost is only interested in keeping your vehicle’s air condition system in good condition so that you get optimum performance from it. Contact their customer care executive today to make an appointment today.

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