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Caravan Reversing Camera

June 8, 2017 Car Accessories  0

Caravan Reversing Camera: Why You Should Invest In One

Anyone who has ever owned a caravan will quickly admit to how challenging it is to reverse this type of vehicle. Some drivers still find it difficult to reverse normal cars years after they have learned how to drive.

This difficulty is twofold in the case of caravans. For this reason, having a reversing camera installed on your caravan is extremely important in regards to maintaining visibility and control.

Below is a brief overview on the importance of  a caravan reversing camera.

Benefits Of A Caravan Reversing Camera

1. It Can Save Lives

Each year, accidents occur whereby people, especially small children are run over by reversing drivers.

Unfortunately, the majority of these accidents occur in residential areas as residents reverse out of their garages or parking areas. Young children unwittingly continue playing behind a reversing car, as they do not know any better.

Their small frame makes them practically impossible to see behind a small car let alone a caravan. This can also happen with house pets.

A reversing camera for caravans can help you reverse knowing there are no children or pets behind you. It will also give you enough time to brake in case a child runs into your path unexpectedly.

2. It Can Save You Money

One of the most common causes of caravan insurance claims is reversing the damage. A reversing camera will greatly reduce your chances of getting involved in these minor collisions. This means that your insurance premiums will stay within the affordable range.

Some policy provider may offer discounts for the addition of such a safety feature. The sheer numbers of collision as a result of driver reversing error keep panel beaters busy around the globe.

3. It is Convenient and Ergonomic

Reversing cameras for caravans makes it a lot easier to hook up your caravan when there is no one around to direct you. It also results in an ergonomic way of driving. The conventional reversing method requires you to keep on turning in your seat and craning your neck while trying to view what is behind you.

This is very uncomfortable and can lead to strains over long periods of time. In addition, if another motorist hits you from behind, the camera will capture the event if it was switched on.

This may be valuable evidence for insurance claims or any resulting court cases.

It is worth noting that there are some factors you should consider when selecting caravan reversing cameras.

These include but are not limited to incorporated features (wireless/wired, screen size, night vision, the number of cameras etc.), durability, price, type of sensor (CCD or CMOS), security and ease of installation.

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