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July 18, 2016 Car AC Repairs  0

Beware of Car Repair Dealers

Are you going to the Car Repair Dealers to fix your Car AC or Auto Electrical problem ? If you are there is a good chance you’re wasting money and being overcharged.

Dealers will look over your air conditioning system and more often than not tell you that you need to replace major items with no actual reason just that it needs replacing sometimes you are told multiple items need replacing.

A common scenario with some late model car customers are they’re told they need a complete compressor replacement which costs between $1500 & $3000 when it simply needs a faulty changeable part in the compressor replaced for a fraction of the price.

Most do not have the latest in leak detection gas and equipment to correctly and efficiently  pin point a leak.

Dealers that recommend you just change a few things and that should fix your problem is putting your car air conditioning at major risk and potentially setting you up for major expenses later on. This is not our practice.

We will effectively diagnose your problem and give you all your options available for repairs including onsite hose manufacture, aftermarket and genuine parts at up to 1/3 the price of the dealers.

We have saved many of our customers thousands of dollars.

Last week Luke Little experienced this exact problem and was quoted over  $2500 for a Car AC repairs from a dealer. Luke doing his research decided to get a second opinion from a source that specializes in Car AC.

After diagnosing the issue, we fixed the problem for only $350 saving this customer over $2100.


Luke Little

Luke Happy With His $2100 Saving



Our advice is make sure to always get a second opinion for anything Auto Air Conditioning and Auto Electrical. We have over 21 years experience in both areas and we guarantee we will be beat any other quote you get from Car Dealers and other repairers.

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