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October 6, 2016 Car AC Repairs  2

3 Signs your Car Air Conditioner might need repairing

You may not realize it but do you know that using the A/C while driving significantly reduces your fuel consumption on the highway. Heat and lots of moisture from the surrounding air in the car is removed through use of energy and this consumes more fuel in the car because of the added engine load.

But just how does this little nifty contraption work you might ask. Let us dive right into it and demystify or further understand the A/C and its main components that is the compressor, condenser, and evaporator, that achieve the cooling purpose that we all so much enjoy.

Let us take a quick look at each to better understand the expertise we at Jack frost are offering when you come in for a quick fix or better yet when we come to you.

Car Air Conditioner Compressor

Refrigerant, in low pressure and gaseous form is drawn into the compressor; the compressor does what it does best and compresses the gas once it is inside the car’s pump. The belt, which is connected to the engine’s crankshaft, drives the car pump, which translates to putting the gas under-pressure and forcing it out to the condenser.

Car Air Conditioner Condenser

The condenser acts as a radiator in your car and serves more or less the same purpose that is, radiate heat out your car. The refrigerant leaves the compressor as a pressurized-gas and enters the condenser. There is air moving around the

There is air moving around the twisting-tubes of the condenser and its main function is to cool down the refrigerant turning it into liquid as there was heat created during the pressurizing process

Car Air Conditioner Evaporator

This, in most motor vehicles, is usually located on the passenger side of the car and is also known as the evaporator core and depending on the manufacturer of the car there are usually two of this strategically placed under the instrument panel.

Not only do they look like but also act like the radiators in the car just a bit smaller in size and made out of aluminum. Now as we know, heat travels from a warmer area to a cooler area as is the law of nature.

Cold air circulates in the car by action of the car blower-fan inside the passenger-compartment pushing air over onto the very outside of the car evaporator but for all this to take place the refrigerant which is cold and at low pressure has to moved into the evaporator, vaporizing and absorbing heat from the surrounding air in the passenger-compartment.

Just like any other mechanical part of the car, this system is not immune to wear and tear and definitely not damages. It may break down and may at one point need professional servicing or repair. There a couple of red flags to look out for when it comes that might suggest that it’s time to have it professionally inspected and repaired or replaced.

1. Loss in cooling capability of the system

The most obvious symptom that a vehicles air conditioning might have issues is that there will be a noticeable loss in the overall cooling capability of the AC system. You may notice that the air is not blowing as cold as it was before or is not blowing cold air at all. It may also not offer the right temperatures which you require in the car.

2. You hear strange noises from the system

Strange noises coming from under your hood is always a cause for alarm. When you turn on your A/C, you should hear the fan blowing cool air, but if you hear a banging or rattling sound, something is wrong. These noises could be directly related to your air conditioning system. Grinding or grating sounds might signal a problem with your car’s fan.

Or, if you hear a squealing noise or any other high pitch tone, there could be a problem with your belts. In either case, it’s important to get it checked out before your air conditioner goes out completely.

3. Bad Smell

If you notice a bad smell when you turn on your A/C, your system may be failing. That bad smell may indicate that mold is growing inside the system. This problem cannot be ignored because breathing in mold is not safe for humans and could cause allergic reactions and other breathing-related problems.

We hope that has shed some light on how the A/C button in your car magically makes you forget how long you have been stuck in traffic on that very hot day. But if you have any further questions or explanations you may require we are happy to be of service.

We pride ourselves in providing expert repair services to the entire Brisbane area and your happiness and convenience here at Jack Frost is our joy.

So the next time you need your air conditioner repaired, give us a call and we can come to you if you are not in a position to come to us, saving you time and money.

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Scott says:
January 10, 2017 at 6:28 pm Reply

I like that you point out that one sign that your AC needs to be serviced is that there could be a rattling noise when you turn it on. I can see why this would be an easy way of noticing that something is wrong. The AC in my brother’s car stopped working last summer and he hasn’t gotten it repaired since then. I’ll have to ask him if he heard any rattling before it went out.

Jack Frost says:
January 12, 2017 at 12:02 am Reply

Thanks, Scott, we appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.

Yes forward this post onto him and have him check if any of these issues are occurring. If so he will need a potential Car AC repairs, including a condenser replacement

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