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Auto Electrical Fault

4 Signs You Have An Auto Electrical Fault

June 16, 2017 Auto Electrical Repairs  0

4 Signs Your Vehicle May Have an Auto Electrical Fault Your car’s electrical system is a modern marvel, capable of managing many aspects of your vehicle. It is used to start your engine, charge your phone, lock your doors and operate your windows.   Does your vehicle have an auto electrical fault? It can manifest […]

Caravan Reversing Camera

Caravan Reversing Cameras

June 8, 2017 Car Accessories  0

Caravan Reversing Camera: Why You Should Invest In One Anyone who has ever owned a caravan will quickly admit to how challenging it is to reverse this type of vehicle. Some drivers still find it difficult to reverse normal cars years after they have learned how to drive. This difficulty is twofold in the case of […]

Variable Displacement Ac Compressor

Variable Displacement AC Compressor

February 15, 2017 Car Air Conditioning  1

Variable Displacement AC Compressor The variable displacement AC compressor of an air conditioning unit that is driven via a belt and powered by pistons has a tendency to reduce the power of the engine and produce a distinctive “thumping” sound. If you wish to provide adequate power to the engine and eliminate the distinctive ‘thump’, […]

Alternator Repairs Brisbane

5 Signs Your Car Needs a New Alternator

February 2, 2017 Alternator, Auto Electrical Repairs  2

Here Are 5 Signs That Your Car Needs a New Alternator One of the most important components in a car is an alternator. An alternator is an electromagnetically device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. The use of an alternator in a car is to power the electric car system at the time the […]