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Car Air Conditioner Repairs

3 Signs your Car Air Conditioner needs repair

October 6, 2016 Car AC Repairs  2

3 Signs your Car Air Conditioner might need repairing You may not realize it but do you know that using the A/C while driving significantly reduces your fuel consumption on the highway. Heat and lots of moisture from the surrounding air in the car is removed through use of energy and this consumes more fuel […]

Car Air Conditioning Re-Gas

5 Key Factors About Car Air Conditioning Re-gas

September 18, 2016 Car AC Repairs, Car Air Conditioning  0

Five Key Factors about Car Air Conditioning Re-Gas Proper care of a vehicle’s air conditioning system entails more than simply turning it on when you feel discomfort due to heat. Turning your vehicle’s air conditioning on might help a great deal in cooling you off but can you really say the same for its long term operational […]

Car AC Repairs Summer Service

Prepare For Summer Get Your Car Air Conditioner Repaired

September 8, 2016 Car AC Repairs  0

Get Your Car Air Conditioner Repaired in Preparation for summer Many people will utilize their car air conditioners more during summer than any other period of the year. For instance, many people in Brisbane where we operate tend to use their air conditioners more during summer. To the surprise of many, the air conditioners will […]

Benefits of Reverse Cameras

Benefits of Reverse Cameras For Your Vehicle

August 15, 2016 Car Accessories  0

Benefits of Reverse Cameras For Your Vehicle Reverse cameras, also known as rear view cameras or backup cameras, have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, adding a measure of convenience and safety when reversing. Their main use, when they were first introduced to the market, was to help in reversing larger vehicles […]

Car Battery Installation

Choosing The Right Car Battery

August 9, 2016 Car Batteries  0

How to Choose the Correct Car Battery For you to enjoy long lasting rides on your car, it should have a reliable battery. A car battery is a very important component of a car as it helps in keeping all the electronics running and most importantly, it is really essential for your engine to start. […]

Car Repair Dealers

Stop Wasting Money On Car Repair Dealers

July 18, 2016 Car AC Repairs  0

Beware of Car Repair Dealers Are you going to the Car Repair Dealers to fix your Car AC or Auto Electrical problem ? If you are there is a good chance you’re wasting money and being overcharged. Dealers will look over your air conditioning system and more often than not tell you that you need to replace […]

car air conditioner repairs

Car Air Conditioner Repairs

June 30, 2016 Car Air Conditioning  0

Amazing Car Air Conditioning Repairs At Jack Frost A car air conditioner is a device that expels heat from the air inside a vehicle and strives to lower the temperature of the air in the car. As a matter of fact, air conditioning interferes with the properties of air such as temperature and humidity to […]