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June 16, 2017 Auto Electrical Repairs  0

4 Signs Your Vehicle May Have an Auto Electrical Fault

Your car’s electrical system is a modern marvel, capable of managing many aspects of your vehicle. It is used to start your engine, charge your phone, lock your doors and operate your windows.
Does your vehicle have an auto electrical fault? It can manifest in many different ways. More often than not, the main culprit will be your car battery. Like a mobile phone relies on its internal batteries, your car relies on the car battery to power up the electrical components of your vehicle.

Here are 4 things to look for when you suspect an auto electrical failure:

1. Your Car Won’t Start

This is one of the most obvious signs that your car is having electrical issues. You put the key in the ignition switch, turn it but the car won’t start. It could be the starter, the alternator or the car battery. You will be able to pinpoint which of the three is the likely problem by doing these steps:

Do the interior lights come on when you open the car doors?

If not, then it’s a dead battery.

Does anything happen when you turn the key?

If not, then it could be your alternator.

Do you hear a clicking sound when you turn the key?

If yes, then it could be the starter.

2. Dim Lights

You notice that your dashboard lights dim a bit when you’re idling at a stop sign or driving through traffic at low speed. Then, the same goes for your car’s brake and head lights. This issue could lead to 3 things- a problem with the voltage regulator, the alternator or the car battery itself. The battery could be down to its last current, your electrical system may be experiencing great resistance or there could also be a charge malfunction.

Dim lights happen when your car’s voltage system drops to a certain level. When your traction control is being lax, then it’s a sure sign of an auto electrical fault. Check the hood for cracked or loose belts that can cause you to lose valuable charging efficiency and battery voltage.

3. An Unusual Smell

Stop and have your car immediately checked if you start to smell melting plastic or insulation. Your car’s circuit is designed to handle a certain number of electrical current- sometimes when a component or wire shorts out, the current becomes too great for the circuit to handle.

You should check for a blown or missing fuse to diagnose this electrical issue. Replace the fuse and try to see if the problem presents itself again. If it does, then you may need the help from a professional auto electrician like Jack Frost.

4. Check Your Battery’s Condition

The auto battery is arguably the most important part of your electrical system. It powers up electrical components such as the dashboard, head and brake lights, the AC, etc.

Do a quick inspection of the battery cables- are they badly corroded? Are the terminal ends tight, or are they loose? Check your battery and see if there’s anything leaking from it. Is the battery in good shape, or are there damages?

Don’t forget to wear protective goggles and gloves because the battery’s contents are highly corrosive and could damage your skin and eyes.

Jack Frost Auto Electrical Services & Repairs

We provide compressive auto electrical diagnoses to find the cause of your vehicle’s electrical issue. If you’re experiencing any of the problems listed in the article then please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote. 

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